An intensive paramedic preparatory course for the Province of Ontario primary care paramedic program.

The EMT / Pre-Paramedicine program is a preparatory program for individuals interested in pursuing a career in Paramedicine, Nursing or Medical Sciences, including Medical School.  This program is not a stand-alone Paramedic program and it does not grant a successful candidate the opportunity to work as a Paramedic, upon successful completion of the program.

What is the Program Based On?

The EMT: Emergency Medical Training Canada Pre-Paramedicine program is a 150-hour pre-hospital emergency medical program that exceeds the US Department of Transportation Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B) program – the entry-level standard for ambulance service employment for many States. The program has been deemed to meet (and exceed) the EMT-Basic training curriculum for the State of Texas by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.

Our program follows the 2020 Paramedic Association of Canada National Occupational Competency Profile (NOCP) for Emergency Medical Responder (EMR). In several provinces in Canada, an EMR is the EMS provider entry level of care—allowing an EMR to work alongside a Paramedic in an ambulance.

Why Consider the Pre-Paramedicine Program?

A full Primary Care Paramedic Program in Ontario is a significant time and financial commitment. Before investing three years and $20,000 in a paramedic program, you should know what the program and the profession are all about. Our EMT: Emergency Medical Training Canada Pre-Paramedicine program will give you a taste of the training and the profession.

Paramedic programs in Ontario have high failure rates, as high as 40% in some programs. Many of the areas of weakness that result in failure are recognized and identified by our Paramedic Instructors. Challenges, such as weighted equipment lifting are reviewed and evaluated throughout our program. Overwhelming college workloads can be lessened by arriving at your program with a solid grasp of equipment and the basics of ambulance operations and patient care theory and practice. This allows you to focus on other areas of challenge in the college Paramedic program. Our program will give you a leg-up in your pursuit of Paramedic education!

Who Should Consider Taking our Pre-Paramedicine Program?

The EMT Canada Pre-Paramedicine Program is ideally suited for ANYONE considering taking a Paramedic Program or a Nursing Program or Medical School, to boost your application resume and to get some emergency medical training at a Paramedic level. The program would be equally beneficial to Fire Fighters and Industrial Medical Responders.

EMT Canada is thrilled to be partnering with Jones and Bartlett Publishing to provide Ontario’s first 2020 PAC NOCP-compliant program in Ontario!

Jones and Bartlett Publishing is the largest publisher of EMS-related textbooks worldwide. They have worked closely, and exclusively with the Paramedic Association of Canada (PAC) to publish this uniquely Canadian program.

EMT Canada will be delivering this program which is meant to serve as a precursor to the Primary Care Paramedic program—giving our students an early start in understanding the NOCP verbiage that PCP students have to know intimately through their college programs.

More than Just Paramedicine!

We are proud to offer extra certifications within the program for content that is included within the EMT Pre-Paramedicine Program. These extra certifications enhance your resume or your program application. All of the content from each of the certifications that we grant during this program is taught in its entirety.

The suite of certifications that you will receive with the Pre-Paramedicine program include:

  • Provincially and federally recognized Standard First Aid CPR-BLS (formerly Healthcare Provider)
  • Automated External Defibrillation
  • Oxygen Administration
  • Emergency Medical Responder (2020 NOCP—Paramedic Association of Canada)
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Program Attendance Certification
HAL training simulator

The Faculty

The Lead-Instructor for this program is EMT Canada’s Lead Instructor and Head of Program Development Jeff Frenette – a Level 2 Paramedic, Flight Paramedic and Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (W-EMT).

Jeff has worked both in Canada and the United States and has guest-lectured at many Ontario Paramedic Programs across the province. He is the lead author of the Ontario Primary Care Paramedic Field Guide – A pocket primer for Paramedics in Ontario that has been used by 21 Paramedic Education Programs at Colleges across the province and has been adopted by and adapted to several Paramedic Services as a field reference for their Paramedics.

To Read Jeff’s Full Bio – Click Here

Supporting faculty includes current and former Instructors from several Ontario Primary Care Paramedic programs as well as currently employed medics in the GTA.  We have also invited several current second-year Primary Care Paramedic students to participate as lab instructors for skills and to tutor participants as well.

The EMT Pre-Paramedicine Program Design

Participants will be given pre-course reading assignments that will be enriched with in-class discussions and skills practice. Participants will enjoy experiential learning and simulation, using trained casualty actors and theatrical make-up. Our Gaumard High Fidelity Simulators will provide a unique opportunity to experience Simulator Education. This is an immersive, low-stress, FUN way to learn about Paramedicine and to gain a valuable leg-up on knowledge, skills and pre-hospital education.

Learn about HAL – our ultra-realistic patient simulator

By the end of the Pre-Paramedicine program, each participant will have learned how to utilize every piece of medical and transport equipment that they will be exposed to during their paramedic program. Early familiarization with Paramedic tools means that when they get to the Paramedic Program, they can focus on higher-learning knowledge and skills.

Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional stand-alone learning experience as well as prepare you for your journey to becoming an Ontario Paramedic!

The EMT Advantage

Small Class Sizes

Class sizes are kept low, capped at 10 participants in the EMT Pre-Paramedicine program as opposed to a 50-student class in the College Paramedic Program. This ensures that you will receive maximum personal attention during the EMT Pre-Paramedicine program.

Personalized Training

We provide additional opportunities for students to meet, either individually or in small groups outside of the scheduled times.  There is no extra charge for additional training hours!

Our Rave Reviews!

“An absolutely incredible learning experience with an amazing teacher!! Jeff is an engaging and entertaining teacher who uses his acting skills to put on the best realistic scenarios for training. He ensures everyone understands the content and explains the ‘why’ for everything we do so we understand the logic around first aid skills. I went into the pre-paramedicine program shy and with minimal skills and came out with confidence, a passion for paramedicine, and some great friends. By far the most valued and highest quality of first aid training I have ever received!”

– Rachel, Pre-Paramedicine Program Participant

There are fast-food first aid training providers, and there are high end boutique oriented training providers. EMT: Emergency Medical Training Canada Inc. is definitely on the high end of the boutique providers. I have taken a number of courses from over 6 training providers over the years, including National Lifesaving, St John’s Ambulance, and Red Cross certified providers and the quality of the experience has varied so much, in spite of all these programs achieving the same WSIB certified standard for material to be covered.

EMT Canada’s training not only meets the same required WSIB standard for industry recognition (and at a cost extremely competitive with even the lowest cost providers) but provides a level of training far superior than any other provider I have used.

EMT Canada trainers are experienced and highly qualified professionals (regional active paramedics, army medics/paramedics or similar level of professionals) that use training equipment that is more realistic and better maintained than even many college and university health care programs. No expense is spared to ensure students receive the most realistic, hands-on experience possible in a classroom environment.

The training philosophy however is where EMT Canada really shines. Instructor dedication to teaching is so high, that time is always available to answer any and all questions even after a course is over. Ongoing support and continuous learning options are accessible and available making a course with EMT Canada not a stand-alone event, but an ongoing partnership. In-class instruction simulation and scenarios are also made as realistic and challenging as possible, at a level that needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

Do not hesitate in enrolling with training with EMT: Emergency Medical Training Canada.

– Stephen, Pre-Paramedicine Program Participant

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