Standard First Aid & CPR

Standard First Aid & CPR is our most requested course. It’s often required in workplaces and educational programs.
This course prepares you for the most common medical emergencies you’ll encounter.


All our Instructors are Paramedics, exceptional educators, and storytellers!

Our team of 30+ Instructors spans all of Ontario.

Under the guidance, supervision and support of our Lead Instructor & Program Developer Jeff Frenette, our First Aid Instructors make us proud with the exceptional effort put into creating learning experiences for our clients.

All of our EMT Canada Certified Instructors have a passion for education as well as years of field experience, with rich medical, anatomy-physiology, pathophysiology, and emergency backgrounds.

They teach in a fun, engaging way, blending real-world experience into your training!

All our CPR courses include AED training and are Ontario WSIB recognized.

Some of the skills & knowledge you’ll gain in our CPR & AED courses include:

  • emergency action steps

  • how to recognize a cardiac arrest

  • when to call 9-1-1

  • chest compressions

  • rescue breaths

All CPR Courses include AED Training!


All our Standard First Aid courses have blended learning options available!

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

You decide how fast you want to complete the Online module. It takes approximately 7 hours to complete. You can push everything all at once, or complete it in bite-sized chunks, a bit each day.

Book In-Class Session

Once you’ve completed the Online module, schedule training with one of our authorized training providers.

Get First Aid & CPR Certified!

Our First Aid & CPR Instructors will take you through fun skill-building scenarios with incredible, state-of-the-art equipment. Afterwards, you’ll be trained, prepared, certified, and ready to save lives!

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