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A Custom-Tailored First Aid Experience

First Aid training is not “one size fits all”.  It needs to be tailor-made for your work environment.  Each course is individually tailored to YOUR facility, to YOUR client needs, and to YOUR staff needs.  EMT Canada has more than 30 years of experience delivering just that kind of quality.  Why settle for cookie-cutter first aid training when you can have a bespoke first aid learning experience?

Superior Training Blended Learning

Using an innovative approach in partnerships, we combine EMT: Emergency Medical Training Canada’s best-in-class blended learning software and our network of EMT Authorized Providers to offer on-site group courses or individual certifications at our network of training locations across Ontario.

Training Flexibility

By partnering with EMT Canada as your First Aid Training Provider, we can offer you the flexibility of scheduling your own, private courses (with a minimum class enrollment size, of course) at your Childcare or Early Learning facility or at one of our conveniently located training facilities!  If you are onboarding new staff or you have had a couple of team members who miss your group class, we can easily slide them into one of our public courses at one of our locations within the Authorized Provider Network.

Childcare First Aid
Childcare First Aid

Meet your Growing Staffing Needs!

Under Ontario’s Child Care and Early Years Act, all childcare providers and employees must have a valid Standard First Aid and CPR Certification. With over 86,000 new childcare spaces coming to Ontario as part of the Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care system’s $10/day childcare program, there is an increased demand for childcare providers. EMT Canada helps take the stress out of onboarding new staff to meet this growing demand by providing a seamless first-aid learning solution for you and your staff.

Saving you Time (and lots of headaches)

Do you find yourself chasing copies of certifications from your team?  Is it difficult to keep track of recertification dates?  We have the solution for that.  Our best-in-class certification system allows us to send digital copies of certifications to the participants, to HR managers—basically anyone that needs to keep track of your team’s certification compliance—no more chasing down individuals for copies of certs!

We archive all certifications in our database so if you lose your copy, we can quickly generate another copy for you!

If you need reports generated for staff certifications across your entire network of facilities, we can easily provide that service with a quick email request or phone call!

Childcare First Aid

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