The EMT Guarantee

EMT Canada backs up every course we teach with a skills guarantee!

If at any point during the life of your certification, you feel that you are no longer confident in your skills to deliver First Aid, we will give you a skills refresher at no added cost!

What does this mean?

Not only do you have unlimited access to all of your learning materials, but you can also drop into any one of our courses, for free, and get a refresher on the skills you learned! So long as your certification is still valid, our instructors will retrain you on anything you learned in your course! Need a CPR refresher? Practice wrapping a splint? Some extra help administering an EpiPen? Just book an appointment and one of our top-notch instructors will bring your skills back to the confidence you had when you completed your course!


And this costs me nothing?

Absolutely $0

This service is part of our ongoing commitment to you. When you complete a course with an EMT Canada provider, you aren’t just getting a certification, you’re getting a commitment to the best First Aid Training in Ontario. Part of our commitment means that we always want you to feel confident in your skills to deliver amazing First Aid care.