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We have the background and experience to provide all our clients with the best CPR and First Aid services.

Feel confident knowing our training is backed by the highest standards, excellent partners, our top-notch First Aid & CPR Instructors, and our incredibly well-equipped training facility.

We put the utmost passion & attention into every course, 100% committed to our clients having a fun, hands-on, engaging, and valuable experience.

We’ve been teaching First Aid & CPR since 1997!

25 years later, we’ve grown into a team of over 30 highly qualified First Aid & CPR Instructors, spread out over Ontario.

Our providers train clients of all ages – children, teens, adults.

We prepare clients for all environments – home, workplace, wilderness, healthcare & medical settings.


All our Instructors are Paramedics, exceptional educators, and storytellers!

Under the guidance, supervision and support of our Lead Instructor & Program Developer Jeff Frenette, our First Aid Instructors make us proud with the exceptional effort put into creating learning experiences for our clients.

All EMT Canada trained instructors have a passion for education as well as years of field experience, with rich medical, anatomy-physiology, pathophysiology, and emergency backgrounds.

They teach in a fun, engaging way, blending real-world experience into your training!

Our Training Standards

ILCOR: International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation

Worldwide organization that creates and updates guidelines for CPR, and provides a forum for member resuscitation organizations.

Blended Learning – Revolutionizing First Aid Training


Approved by Ontario WSIB and meets Regulation 1101 requirements.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

You decide how fast you want to complete the Online module. It takes approximately 7 hours to complete. You can push everything all at once, or complete it in bite-sized chunks, a bit each day.

Book In-Class Session

Once you’ve completed the Online module, schedule training with one of our authorized training providers.

Get First Aid & CPR Certified!

Our First Aid & CPR Instructors will take you through fun skill-building scenarios with incredible, state-of-the-art equipment. Afterwards, you’ll be trained, prepared, certified, and ready to save lives!

Here’s what our amazing clients are saying about learning with us!

Information DeskInformation Desk
20:53 04 May 24
Our employees and myself took the First Aid/ CPR course with our instructor Rama (who was absolutely awesome). The teaching method involved active participation and hands on training. The atmosphere was made comfortable and peaceful for everyone. No matter what a person was dealing with, the scenarios involved everyone. THANK YOU RAMA and THANK YOU EMT. The best course ever for our employees!
malica brooksmalica brooks
18:03 23 Apr 24
I had first aid and cpr-c training yesterday with Jeff and it was amazing Jeff was a great trainer. Highly recommend
Karlo TumolvaKarlo Tumolva
03:28 27 Mar 24
I really almost forgot everything what I have learned before about CPR training. My very skilled and knowledgeable instructors Kien Hoang and Jeff Frennete are very specific and well organized when it comes to doing CPR for Health Care practitioners, first aid, and by using AED for baby, child, and adult. They have their own way in explaining and giving scenarios in which it is very understandable. Now I feel more confident as a nurse helping others if emergencies happen to anyone. I will be coming back for sure next year and will definitely recommend it to my friends. 👏💪
Brittany StarrBrittany Starr
12:32 17 Jan 24
I have taken many first aid/EMT courses in the past but Jeff’s course was by far the best one. He makes teaching fun. He has a room full of people who aren’t use to sitting around so the heavy eyes tend to take action, but not in Jeff’s course. Jeff is outgoing, knowledgeable and experienced. He delivers the program in different ways so everyone can understand, so being a visual, audio or hands on learner there’s something for everyone to ensure they know the content.Come practical day, well those are the best days. As a student you’re nervous but Jeff walks you through it. This equipment is state of the art and a lot better then the styrofoam head dummies I’ve used in past courses.I recommend this company. He will keep your employee awake during training (super important), he makes it fun which is also important so the content sticks in our adult brain and him having in the field experience. He knows what works and what doesn’t.He also has cool stories. Thanks Jeff for making this one of the best trainings I’ve had. I actually still remember the content.
Natasha FritzleyNatasha Fritzley
14:16 16 Jan 24
Jeff facilitated Standard First Aid training in our hospitality/manufacturing facility. Our team loved it - he was very engaging and very practical in his approach. Highly recommend!
Sarah FSarah F
03:23 06 Dec 23
Jeff's expertise and teaching style made the learning process enjoyable and engaging. His passion for first aid and genuine care for others truly shone through during the course. I highly recommend Jeff as an instructor for anyone looking to learn first aid skills and to get certified! Best ever!
Malcolm ScottMalcolm Scott
19:57 24 Nov 23
Enrolling in this first aid and CPR course was a decision I'm truly grateful for. The instructor, Jenn, introduced us to the essentials with outstanding clarity and care right from the start. Her hands-on approach and practical sessions were invaluable, giving us the confidence to perform life-saving techniques.Jenn's expertise in both first aid and CPR was evident throughout the course. She provided in-depth knowledge and made complex concepts accessible to everyone, regardless of their prior experience. The balance of learning and practice under her watchful eye meant that each of us left the course not just with knowledge, but with the real ability to help in an emergency.The course was comprehensive, yet Jenn managed to make it approachable, ensuring personal attention to all attendees. I'd highly recommend this training to anyone looking to gain essential life-saving skills in a supportive and effective learning environment.
Jasmine CampbellJasmine Campbell
11:44 21 Sep 23
Jeff is an amazing CPR instructor, as a Registered Nurse myself, he was a great educator for real-life situations and very informative!
Alex RobinsonAlex Robinson
10:59 15 Sep 23
Extremely impressive. As a volunteer firefighter and a volunteer rescue tech first aid is not my primary career and the courses seem to come and go throughout the years, regurgitating the same info that was taught to our predecessors. The program put together by Jeff and Anna gives you the confidence, knowledge and real life tips and that help make you confident and retain information for when you need it most: in an emergency. The very hands on approach is unmatched and helps you develop real skills and an excellent feel for what a real medical emergency is like. Would give 10/10 or 100/100 if I could. If you are looking to have the next level first aid training that will prepare you for the real world, look no further, this is it!
13:48 14 Sep 23
The most realistic experience in any of the previous training I’ve done in the past years. The equipment and layout of this course is extremely relatable not only to construction/maintenance workers, but to your household members or any individual that needs a hand in need. Jeff is outstanding in his field and I highly recommend at least one member of your family/household take this course
Kyle GagneKyle Gagne
02:12 14 Sep 23
Jeff is the best teacher/instructor I've ever had the pleasure of learning from. His personality and real life experience makes the course delivery second to none.
Kayley PeacockKayley Peacock
22:55 31 Aug 23
Jeff was an amazing instructor who is very knowledgeable and experienced. The course was very fun and the in person class was very engaging. There were lots of hands on activities where we were challenged to work together both individually and as a team. Jeff’s humour made for a very entertaining and fun time while his experience taught the group lots of important information and skills. The main thing that sets him apart from other instructors is his clear passion and dedication to his job which really makes for a great experience.
Jonathan FrancisJonathan Francis
21:48 23 Jul 23
I recently took a blended online/in-person BLS level CPR course here. The online portion was quick, easy to take notes on and was presented overall very well. In-person, Jeff was a fantastic instructor with a great sense of humor, which made the experience fun and enjoyable for everyone there. He has an abundance of knowledge and experience & has even written multiple books on the subject. We learned on extremely high tech equipment which provides realistic human-like feedback and displays statistics while you are practicing CPR. I will absolutely be returning to refresh my skills come the next school year.Thanks again Jeff!
Christian SanchezChristian Sanchez
23:59 24 Jan 23
Awesome course! Awesome teacher! Instructor loves what he does! Life like mannequins that respond to Interventions!
Allie LicskaiAllie Licskai
23:45 10 Dec 22
I can’t begin to say how great this course was! Jeff made CPR fun, engaging and I can’t recommend him more! Price was great too. Choose EMT Canada over any other around when looking to get certified!
Chiaka OsujiChiaka Osuji
14:47 24 Nov 22
My CPR-BLS class was fun and informative. Jeff is an amazing teacher and has years worth of experience. I recommend to anyone. I'll definitely be back for any rectification that I need.
Jacob MorrisJacob Morris
01:02 21 Nov 22
Jeff is an absolutely amazing teacher. He makes learning first aid fun and engaging, a difficult thing to do! If you’re thinking of taking any first aid courses, EMT should be your first choice.
Ann JenkinsAnn Jenkins
12:04 15 Aug 22
Jeff is an exceptional teacher. He makes learning fun and relates it to his real life experiences. I have alot of confidence after attending his class. Lots of real life scenarios and I learned a lot.
purple superstarpurple superstar
20:42 22 Jul 22
Jeff was a FANTASTIC teacher!!! Super kind and super genuine. Amazing teaching techniques and enjoyed listening to him telling us stories about his past experiences. I was expecting the class to be boring but Jeff made it so fun! Time passed by quickly and learned a lot. Well done jeff 🙂
Esther BrilhanteEsther Brilhante
01:00 09 Jun 22
Hands down best first aid/ cpr course I’ve ever taken. Thankful they had a blended learning option so I only needed to go in one day. But the day went by so fast. Jeff is an amazing teacher. I will definitely be back when I need certification again! ☺️
Rachel PugsleyRachel Pugsley
19:27 23 May 22
An absolutely incredible learning experience with an amazing teacher!! Jeff is an engaging and entertaining teacher who uses his acting skills to put on the best realistic scenarios for training. He ensures everyone understands the content and explains the 'why' for everything we do so we understand the logic around first aid skills. I went into the preparamedcine program shy and with minimal skills and came out with confidence, a passion for paramedicine, and some great friends. By far the most valued and highest qaulity of first aid training I have ever recived!
Dhruv PatelDhruv Patel
21:02 22 May 22
Thanks for bringing us an excellent program and progress with valuable tools.Your course is a very complete form of enrichment in every aspects. It’s easy to sum up - A teacher with richness of knowledge and fun can be found here.Thanks you Jeff!!! You are amazing !!!
David PaquetteDavid Paquette
00:16 17 May 22
I took the advanced first responder course as part of mine rescue training. Jeff’s instruction is second to none. He is engaging, funny, and informative.The theory he teaches is reinforced by realistic scenarios, and I left feeling confident and ready to respond to real situations.I highly recommend his training to anyone serious about learning real first aid.
Chase TaylorChase Taylor
22:04 29 Apr 22
Jeff was a fantastic teacher! He was entertaining, personable and above all informational. Jeff didn't just follow some cookie cutter program instead he communicated with everyone made sure we understood the concepts he was teaching, the goals we should have in mind when trying to deal with injured people. What really made the program stand out to me was the scenarios with both jeff and the dummies, letting my co-workers and I try to work things out on our own & then re running the scenario after he gave us some corrections was a super powerful learning tool. I would happily recommend this first aid program to anyone interested, after taking that class for work I feel like these skills aren't just valuable to have in the work place they are skills everyone should have.
Josh WoodallJosh Woodall
23:49 07 Apr 22
Hats off to Jeff and EMT Canada for providing such a high level of quality and professionalism in their program. My time learning with Jeff was not only extremely educational but an absolute pleasure. His passion for teaching is refreshing, and evident in his efforts to ensure you understand not just what he's teaching, but also why. The equipment is top-notch and allows for scenarios to feel realistic and intense. I guarantee you will leave this program completely confident in your knowledge and abilities to administer first aid and for that I would highly recommend this company.
Jason Van VroenhovenJason Van Vroenhoven
14:04 01 Apr 22
WOW!! I’ve been on many first aid courses throughout my life, and I have to say that the experience our instructor Jeff gave, from EMT Canada, was incredible! His acting classes have paid off through his blend of storytelling, real life experience, comedy, technology, theory, and information made this the best first aid course I have ever taken. He is incredibly passionate and captivating, we will be booking him for years to come with our organization.Thank you Jeff!
Stephen LewStephen Lew
15:56 25 Aug 21
There are fast-food first aid training providers, and there are high end boutique oriented training providers. EMT: Emergency Medical Training Canada Inc. is definitely on the high end of the boutique providers. I have taken a number of courses from over 6 training providers over the years, including National Lifesaving, St John's Ambulance, and Red Cross certified providers and the quality of the experience has varied so much, in spite of all these programs achieving the same WSIB certified standard for material to be covered.EMT Canada's training not only meets the same required WSIB standard for industry recognition (and at a cost extremely competitive with even the lowest cost providers), but provides a level of training far superior than any other provider I have used.EMT Canada trainers are experienced and highly qualified professionals (regional active paramedics, army medics/paramedics or similar level of professionals) that use training equipment that is more realistic and better maintained than even many college and university health care programs. No expense is spared to ensure students receive the most realistic, hands-on experience possible in a classroom environment.The training philosophy however is where EMT Canada really shines. Instructor dedication to teaching is so high, that time is always available to answer any and all questions even after a course is over. Ongoing support and continuous learning options are accessible and available making a course with EMT Canada not a stand alone event, but an ongoing partnership. In class instruction simulation and scenarios are also made as realistic and challenging as possible, at a level that needs to be experienced to be appreciated.Do not hesitate in enrolling with training with EMT: Emergency Medical Training Canada.
Melissa LarsonMelissa Larson
13:14 11 Aug 20
Where to even begin... :)Being a front line worker within the mining industry in a remote location, the First Responders training is excellent to have.I have taken this course twice over the years and both times I was more then impressed. Jeff is an incredible instructor who shares life experiences, is passionate and very informative. He captures the attention of the entire room and makes learning enjoyable. Jeff is always open to all questions anyone may have, his teaching method is very hands on and scenarios are made to feel real.All members of our team had nothing but positive things to say.The knowledge and skills learned in this course has helped with many emergencies myself and my team have come across. The new found knowledge and confidence this training has taught us has brought our team a long way and helped us provide the best care possible.Many Thanks Jeff. 🙂
Kien HoangKien Hoang
16:12 26 Mar 24
Jeff is a great trainer with decades experience as a paramedic. I got my bls certificate here and will come back for my renewal! Well done Jeff!
02:51 24 Jan 24
My experience at KFACT was phenomenal. This place is run by a wonderful team!The courses here are delivered sensibly. The trainer keeps the content engaging and relatable so you actually retain the knowledge.
Harrison MairHarrison Mair
08:04 01 Dec 23
Jeff, as the lead trainer, brings an approach that is unmatched by other individuals/organizations that offer First Aid training. He is passionate about helping trainees understand the most important concepts for real world application. He has a wealth of experience and is extremely knowledgeable, in contrast to many other trainers/organizations, who are simply ticking off boxes as they cycle people through their courses. Additionally, the location is conveniently located and accessible, and you will be using some of the most high-tech equipment in your training session. Having been certified by other organizations across Canada, Kitchener First Aid & CPR Training is a clear frontrunner. Jeff's sense of humour and love for his family are a bonus!
Robert HowardRobert Howard
15:14 17 Nov 23
Would highly recommend. I have taken a lot of first aid courses and this one has really stood out as the best. They have a real focus on practical, usable knowledge, and I came away with a lot more confidence if I ever need to apply these skills. They also have some really cool technology that you don't see at a lot of first aid training places. Jeff is a fantastic instructor.
19:54 18 Oct 23
Jeff had excellent facilitation and content to provide us excellent grounding and knowledge of a broad range of first aid and CPR methods and responses. I could not be happier with my results. Highly recommend him.
Kalyna HorocholynKalyna Horocholyn
01:40 18 Oct 23
KFACT was a fantastic learning experience. The online coursework was really comprehensive, and being able to access the material virtually allowed me to learn at my own pace and better retain the information. The in-person portion of the course was really engaging - Jeff is an experienced instructor and showed us how best to put our First Aid and CPR skills into practice. KFACT also has state-of-the-art CPR dummies that helped us understand proper techniques and responding to different situations in a way that felt realistic and structured. I strongly recommend checking out KFACT for the comprehensive material, small class sizes, and engaging and practical skills for first aid and CPR! Thanks, Jeff!
Iryna ZhyrnovaIryna Zhyrnova
00:09 13 Oct 23
This was by far the best in-person learning experience I ever had! Jeff is a fantastic teacher and has years of experience as a paramedic. Our group was in a small classroom which made it a safe space to ask many questions. I highly recommend KFACT!
Rob Hayman-AbelloRob Hayman-Abello
01:25 28 Aug 23
Jeff is a great teacher, he's experienced in the field and clearly knows his stuff, providing extra knowledge that goes beyond the surface level technique and helps you understand why treatments are done a certain way.You will get lots of hands-on learning using KFACT's large supply of first aid training materials and medical training robots. Jeff makes the situations very realistic which results in valuable practice. Would definitely recommend.
Faizah AwanFaizah Awan
20:51 15 Jun 24
01:07 11 May 24
I had great time learning there , Destiny did great job teaching everything related to course getting straight to the point and explaining all skills .
Guy GagnonGuy Gagnon
13:39 23 Apr 24
Barrie First Aid and CPR Training held a course for the scout leaders. We did a hybrid version where we had online course training and a practical day of hands on training.The trainer was very knowledgeable and efficient with the course delivery.I would definitely recommend them.
Aluko BoluwatifeAluko Boluwatife
20:43 09 Apr 24
It was a great learning session with destiny, she was professional all through impacting knowledge with different real life examples. I learnt a lot and won’t want her to end the class😂
Shruja PatelShruja Patel
12:51 21 Mar 24
pooja lamsalpooja lamsal
22:10 03 Mar 24
It was great experience, blended method of learning is very useful.
John SJohn S
19:28 02 Mar 24
Destiny made all the lessons memorable and easy to understand. Thanks for the great course!
Franky wongFranky wong
02:19 05 Feb 24
Destiny was a great instructor that went over the course thoroughly and took the time to answer everyone’s questions and explained things very well with numerous examples. She taught the practical aspects of emergency first aid very well and easy to understand. The online blended course was great as you could do it at home at your own pace which also cuts down on the in-class time. Would definitely go back for my recertification!
Nana YaaNana Yaa
01:46 30 Jan 24
Educative (precise and concise) and also enjoyable
Emily MedeirosEmily Medeiros
21:21 25 Jan 24
Best place to get your CPR and first aid training completed. Destiny was an amazing teacher. My day was super educational, yet somehow super fun.
Noah RevieNoah Revie
03:26 24 Dec 23
Barrie First Aid is amazing! Got my Standard First Aid CPR Level C w/AED here. Great training and very friendly. Always there to help and make the training very fun!
Nate RockNate Rock
19:22 04 Dec 23
amazing training!
First BarrieFirst Barrie
10:59 22 Nov 23
Great course!Topic presented and explained well. Time flew by.
Rebecca RichardsRebecca Richards
19:07 25 Oct 23
The blended learning course was the most convenient training I've had in First Aid. The online portion was informative and let us complete it at our own pace which was amazing especially with our work schedules. The in class portion with Destiny was great as well. She did an excellent job covering all we needed to know in a very timely manner. My coworkers and I had a great time and appreciate the time and effort put into this course. Thank you!
Michele SpearMichele Spear
21:01 20 Oct 23
Barrie First Aid and CPR training was amazing! Very thorough and informative, both the online portion as well as the in class portion. They were very accommodating and responded promptly to emails as well. I was feeling a bit nervous but once getting to the in class program, I really felt good about what I had already learnt, and the hands on experience that we received really made me feel like I've left with the knowledge that I'm able to truly give first aid and CPR should I ever be called to use these new skills. Highly recommended!
Charlotte MitchellCharlotte Mitchell
20:51 19 Oct 23
best CPR course I have been to by far!! very friendly staff and quick email replies !
Daniel DupontDaniel Dupont
18:38 18 Oct 23
Destiny was excellent in class.Highly recommend Barrie First Aid and CPR Training
Elsi CasañaElsi Casaña
17:07 05 Oct 23
Very clear explanation.
John MorleyJohn Morley
13:01 03 Oct 23
The course was very thorough and to the point. Without being dry and boring, like other courses I've taken. The instructor was very knowledgeable, and answered all my questions in a way that was easy to understand.I would recommend this company to anyone that needs first aid certification.
Hannah BlairHannah Blair
14:00 26 Sep 23
Amazing training programs and very helpful/kind staff!
Katherine MillerKatherine Miller
18:10 14 Sep 23
Destiny was awesome had a blast! Highly recommend!!
Noreen YaqoobNoreen Yaqoob
23:32 21 Aug 23
Very good learning experience!!!
21:08 14 Aug 23
Great great great! I enjoyed the videos and structure. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed instructor Destiny’s approach and style:)Thank you.Will be back for my Recertification!
Hayley PickeringHayley Pickering
21:55 12 Aug 23
I just finished my CPR/BLS course with Barrie first aid training. I really enjoyed being able to complete all the modules in the comfort of my own home. As for the In class portion the instructor was so knowledgeable. She eagerly answered all questions and it made the whole course fun and enjoyable. Thanks so much !!
Valer SarkissovValer Sarkissov
00:20 03 Aug 23
Barrie first aid was amazing! The online course is really informative and enables you to do it from home. Once your done you get to go in and do hands on. Destiny our trainer was amazing and super knowledgeable. Would highly recommend this course to anyone that needs to get certified.
ulia UAulia UA
14:55 23 Jul 23
Highly recommend taking first aid training with Barrie First Aid training company. My coach was Destiny, she is great. Thank you❤️
Sarah ZinnSarah Zinn
18:41 11 Jul 23
The training was very practical which helped me learn better.
Sara DufresneSara Dufresne
16:54 04 Jun 23
This was an amazing course. Our instructor knew exactly what he was doing and had a great way of expressing and showing us, which helped us remember and be able to do these things. He is also such a nice person in general and very helpful! If you need CPR definitely take this course it’s amazing and you’ll learn so much!
Samantha WestSamantha West
23:49 07 May 23
Fantastic Course! Loved being able to complete the modules at my own pace. The modules were very informative and easy to follow along with. The in class portion was great. I like that the groups are small and the hands on is fun. Overall awesome experience, will definitely recommend Barrie first aid and cpr training.
Mae PankhurstMae Pankhurst
01:02 02 Apr 23
Easy to learn format and knowledgeable instructor. My instructor, Destiny was very interactive and personable making the day an enjoyable experience. The blended course allowed me to consume the material online at my own pace. I have participated many First aid and CPR courses over the years and this one was by far the best.
Frank OwenFrank Owen
20:33 20 Mar 23
The blended learning course was Great. Being able to complete half of the material online at my own pace and the other half in person was perfect! Destiny was a great instructor for the in-class part. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to take SFA&CPR.
Monika RolakMonika Rolak
16:36 06 Feb 23
In my experience, the course was very comprehensive and provided a lot of information, which gave me more confidence to help others. Destiny was absolutely wonderful and was open to all of our questions... She shared her experiences with us and assured us that we wouldn't leave the course without fully understanding it. Anyone who is afraid, concerned, and unclear about giving first aid should take this course. My confidence and knowledge have increased since I met Destiny. It was a pleasure to attend Barrie First Aid and CPR Training. The facility and its instructors were magnificent. I highly recommend it for beginners and those renewing their certifications.
Gillian QuarshieGillian Quarshie
21:19 23 Jan 23
Prior to registering for the course, I was hesitant as I had bad experiences with a the previous course that I took. When I saw that they offered the Blended Course I jumped at the opportunity, leaving me with one day in class. As the class began, I realized that I should've done both classes in-person. Our instructors were (are) AMAZING. They were so personable, related with the class by using their own experience out in the field and made you feel very comfortable. They created an atmosphere that allowed for great conversation and shared their knowledge in such a creative way. I look forward to my recertification, when the time comes.
Maddie GiffenMaddie Giffen
04:05 15 Jan 23
Amazing experience! I have gone to Barrie First Aid & CPR for 2 years in a row for my Bls certification and they are great. Now with the hybrid learning style it makes it much easier & faster. Highly recommend these guys!
Penny ChiassonPenny Chiasson
17:40 09 Jan 23
Very happy with every aspect of my first aid/ CPR training at Barrie First Aid. It was affordable, the online portion was informative and well laid out, and the instructor made the in class portion interesting and fun to be there, getting us through the required material in a timely fashion. Thanks again! I would definitely recommend this company.
Kirstyn BarclayKirstyn Barclay
00:43 30 Oct 22
This was by far the best training I have received in my professional experience. Funny informative and innovative! The training was so hands on the instructors even let trainees test skills on them to better show hands on experience. Our morning instructor had us practice recovery position using him as patient and it was great to have someone who knew what they were doing to practice with making it feel more realistic! Out afternoon instructor let us practice using a BVM mask ON HIM so that we could feel how difficult it was to actually use on a person. These are just two examples of why I learned more this weekend than I've ever felt when walking out of a training course. It was phenomenal and I'll never go anywhere else for training going forward!
Kielly Jordan-FeeKielly Jordan-Fee
19:52 12 Oct 22
The in-person class today was super interesting! Our instructor made the class fun and engaging while also providing insight into their own personal (and funny) experiences on the field. I was worried the class might be boring but it was far from it. If you’re looking for a fun, yet informative place to receive training I highly recommend Barrie First Aid!
Marwa AllamMarwa Allam
20:35 15 Jun 24
Rayma is an incredible instructor and the in person training is a great hands-on practice.
Yusuf OyedeleYusuf Oyedele
18:29 08 Jun 24
The instructor was awesome and have good teaching skills
stephanie haganstephanie hagan
17:59 28 May 24
Such a good and perfect instructor
Ojan KhosravifarOjan Khosravifar
17:57 28 May 24
Great teachers and course!
Melissa SwidowskiMelissa Swidowski
13:07 28 May 24
Great course!
Maryam TaofeekMaryam Taofeek
20:19 25 May 24
I chose Oakville CPR & First Aid because it's close to my house. This was my first time taking this course, and I'm so happy that I took it here. Rayma was awesome, she explained things very smoothly, and helped me out with a lot of parts of the course. I'm so glad I took this course here, and I'll be sure to come back again. Thank you so much, Rayma!
Sue KempSue Kemp
18:03 25 May 24
Rayma and partner were amazing. Rayma had energy and passion like no other!
Tina LeeTina Lee
18:02 25 May 24
Excellent attention to detail. The instructors made it fun and engaging.
18:01 25 May 24
Matteo BardanaMatteo Bardana
18:01 25 May 24
16:06 23 May 24
Simran OleleSimran Olele
02:16 23 May 24
Ty StrongTy Strong
17:56 21 May 24
Really great instructor made it very entertaining thank you very much
Ashley ChangAshley Chang
17:44 21 May 24
Dr.Afsara Islam TasnimDr.Afsara Islam Tasnim
16:27 21 May 24
The course was awesome and the instructor rayma doing wonderful session. Surely come again. Best of luck.
peter izzopeter izzo
21:54 07 May 24
Rayma was brilliant, very energetic and knowledgeable. Was pleased with the experience I had doing the cpr course.
peter izzopeter izzo
21:54 07 May 24
Rayma was brilliant, very energetic and knowledgeable. Was pleased with the experience I had doing the cpr course.
Erin ThrasherErin Thrasher
15:53 04 May 24
Amazing!! So much fun!
Javan KnightJavan Knight
15:53 04 May 24
Mohib AliMohib Ali
23:16 22 Apr 24
My training was immersive and memorable. Will come again.
Kun YuKun Yu
12:48 22 Apr 24
Rayma is a great trainer with all the hands-on practice and vivid examples. You will feel time goes so fast in her class. When I walk out from the room, I feel more confident and readier to help others. Highly recommend!
Billy OldsBilly Olds
03:22 17 Apr 24
Fantastic experience at Oakville CPR & First Aid. Rayma was a knowledgeable instructor and the course was very engaging!
Andrew TsaiAndrew Tsai
19:11 16 Apr 24
Rayma is very knowledgeable and energetic. She makes the standard first aid course fun, hands-on and engaging. Would highly recommend.
susan asusan a
17:47 16 Apr 24
By far best first aid course I have taken
Supreme FlipsSupreme Flips
17:15 16 Apr 24
Was a great learning experience and awesome learning environment
Tristan FinelliTristan Finelli
17:14 16 Apr 24
Great experience
Kevin ReidKevin Reid
19:59 13 Apr 24
Rayma made the in class very informative, and fun; thank you Rayma.
Lisa BLisa B
19:52 13 Apr 24
Moon BeaarMoon Beaar
19:21 13 Apr 24
Absolutely amazing experience! Ray is such a passionate and knowledgeable teacher! Highly recommend, I feel more confident in my first aid and CPR skills than I ever have before!
Samer HamzeSamer Hamze
19:21 13 Apr 24
Rayma was super and amazing to learn from. Thank you.
Amina NiyazovAmina Niyazov
19:19 13 Apr 24
Inessa MilosevicInessa Milosevic
18:55 06 Apr 24
This course was incredibly useful. Our instructor Rayma did a fantastic job sharing her knowledge and experience. I feel more confident now
Priscila TrejoPriscila Trejo
18:55 06 Apr 24
Great training. The teacher was very professional, capable and made sure the whole group was prepared for any emergency
Sabrina VogrinSabrina Vogrin
18:05 28 Mar 24
Dua KhanDua Khan
18:05 28 Mar 24
Rayma was great, very enthusiastic and helpful! Definitely recommend!
18:05 28 Mar 24
Claire MiddletonClaire Middleton
19:59 09 Mar 24
Really nice and large studio with lots of helpful resources. Rayma was super nice, informative, and entertaining!
Kacey HKacey H
16:08 22 Feb 24
Loved the hybrid course! Rayma was fantastic and I would definitely take this course next year when I renew!
kathleen abreokathleen abreo
16:07 22 Feb 24
Really Great BLS course, Rayna is an awesome teacher!
Balkis ElmardiBalkis Elmardi
18:27 13 Feb 24
This the b st place for taking COR FIRST AID AND AED. I highly recommend it . It's very knowledgeable and gets you expert in one day
Candace LopesCandace Lopes
18:26 13 Feb 24
Such a fantastic program. Rayma is so knowledgeable and makes the session fun. Very hands on and informative. Usually dread these types of courses but this was such a pleasant experience! Will recommend and attend again
Gift PromiseGift Promise
18:25 13 Feb 24
It was so interesting learning from Rayma and it was fun.
18:25 13 Feb 24
Absolutely loved this course and the instructor was incredible. This was unexpectedly fun and very interesting. Would recommend this!
Dana ElementDana Element
15:35 06 Feb 24
The instructor is amazing!
Ciara ErvinCiara Ervin
15:35 06 Feb 24
Rayma was amazing! Would recommend
15:35 06 Feb 24
Rayma's the best!
Aleena SelahiAleena Selahi
03:23 04 Feb 24
I had So much fun I learned a lot and rayma is so nice and good at teaching 😊
Becca WBecca W
22:26 03 Feb 24
Rayma was incredible leading our school’s CPR course. Extremely knowledgeable, answering all our questions perfectly, and kept us engaged the entire time. Although I hope to never have to use this knowledge, I feel much more confident after taking this course. Thank you!
Shahira Hassanien-HarbShahira Hassanien-Harb
22:17 03 Feb 24
Rayma was amazing. She was very helpful and lovely!! We were a loud rowdy bunch and we all learned so much and had so much fun!
Kathleen D.Kathleen D.
22:13 03 Feb 24
Rayna was knowledgeable and made this course very enjoyable! Would definitely recommend!
anoja makuloluwaanoja makuloluwa
14:43 01 Feb 24
Great Instructor...enjoyed it and great program too👍
19:19 27 Jan 24
Exciting, really packed. Very efficient instructor. Had lots of fun learning and practicing. I really recommend
S JohnsonS Johnson
19:14 27 Jan 24
Amazing course, very through. Friendly and engaging!
Natasha StasiukNatasha Stasiuk
21:15 06 Jan 24
Rayma was very understanding with my learning and very visual! I needed this for my school placement, and I felt like I wasn’t going to pass but then when I walked out I passed and I even remembered a lot of things from way before! I totally recommend this place to get your First Aid! ⛑️
Alasdair MacphersonAlasdair Macpherson
19:11 06 Jan 24
super nice and friendly and easy to follow course!
Tanja GligoricTanja Gligoric
22:06 30 Dec 23
Amazing expirience! Rayma is very friendly and knowlegable instructor! Way to go! Will see you again!
Avideh Motmaen-FarAvideh Motmaen-Far
19:20 30 Dec 23
I loved this course because the instructor is so fun and makes things easy to understand and remember! I highly recommend her course specially to those who do CPR and first Sid for the first time! Two thumbs up!
Riley CollinsonRiley Collinson
19:20 30 Dec 23
Really liked how we were given real life scenarios to practice what we would come across.
Nadia KhanNadia Khan
19:19 30 Dec 23
It is very informative n fun course ….love the way instructor taught.
19:19 30 Dec 23
Very engaging and informative. Learned a lot and was able to practice real life situations
Cynthia AcheampongCynthia Acheampong
22:16 09 Dec 23
Wendy my instructor was great I learned so much and actually enjoyed the loop the activities. 💯 recommended.She was fantasticPsThere was a. Wry handsome guy Rick in my class should have asked him for coffee 😊
Adam SolisAdam Solis
18:47 01 Dec 23
3 classes a week and in-class session for only a single day means becoming certified here will be very easy with a busy schedule. Combine that with high-energy, knowledgeable instructors for a solid experience.Having extensive experience in the healthcare field, including having taught CPR myself, I can say that this was the most educational & entertaining recert yet. Thank you for your accommodation!
quinn fosterquinn foster
17:56 25 Nov 23
kifah alyassinkifah alyassin
23:32 16 Nov 23
Rayma is the best instructor and very recommended
chantel latourchantel latour
16:02 12 Nov 23
Great experience, very knowledgeable, friendly, and relaxing overall experience.
Priyanka ShahPriyanka Shah
21:06 10 Nov 23
Had alot of fun:)
Angelica OdasAngelica Odas
23:19 29 Oct 23
Amazing experienceThis is the second time I get trained, and I do appreciate their training a lot. Rayma was our instructor and she is very clear, patient and friendly.Definitely would recommend them.
Anassya Den OudenAnassya Den Ouden
15:29 13 Oct 23
Rayma was an energetic and knowledgeable teacher. Although the content is dry first aid Rayma helps make it palatable, and more interesting! I would recommend
Vanda LawVanda Law
17:23 30 Sep 23
Best CPR Training I've ever had!
Svetlana LjubicicSvetlana Ljubicic
17:22 30 Sep 23
Guzzo Inc.Guzzo Inc.
16:39 23 Sep 23
Rayma was amazing. This was worth every dollar and now I feel confident that not only I made the right decision to learn COR and first aid, but also going to learn this at the right place with the right instructor.
Ayesha AhsanAyesha Ahsan
17:05 14 Sep 23
Rayma is so friendly, answers all your questions, explains so well and has so much positive energy. Highly recommend.
Jennifer FramJennifer Fram
02:14 10 Sep 23
Took the blended Standard First Aid and CPR C. The online portion was long, but very manageable. The in-class portion was great!! Friendly, happy environment. The instructor instilled confidence in every participant. The instructor was also very accommodating with our group's schedule - Thank you Rayma! I will be taking my CPR and First Aid from here again.
Sarah DowhunSarah Dowhun
23:08 08 Sep 23
Rayma was an excellent instructor who made learning the course material fun!! The course was thorough and left our staff feeling prepared and more comfortable with the material covered in the online portion. The blended course was a perfect option to not have to be in person for two full days.
Luis De La RosaLuis De La Rosa
16:45 27 Aug 23
Great leaning experience
Anjanaa SreeAnjanaa Sree
16:44 27 Aug 23
A good first experience.
Joseph LeeJoseph Lee
15:08 27 Aug 23
Rayma is an excellent instructor. Very engaging, informative. Honestly one of the best CPR and first aid courses I’ve taken. Would enroll again.
danny Gee66danny Gee66
19:56 26 Aug 23
Rayma was fantastic and kept every single person engaged. This was a fantastic hands on learning experience and very valuable. I highly recommend the course and Rayma’s organization to teach it.Dan
17:18 26 Aug 23
Rayma was an excellent instructor. Very kind and supportive in the class. She makes the environment comfortable and has a very positive attitude! I thoroughly enjoyed the class 🙂
21:18 20 Aug 23
I had a fantastic experience at this place. Rayma, the instructor, was incredibly sweet and concise. Her teaching style made me feel much more confident in my BLS CPR skills. Highly recommended!
Preethi VaidyanathanPreethi Vaidyanathan
23:03 15 Aug 23
Rayma is a fantastic teacher. I learned so much and am so glad we found this course.
Dan HolowackDan Holowack
17:06 15 Aug 23
Great course. Very engaging training.
Maria CostaMaria Costa
17:01 15 Aug 23
Rayma is a very friendly and informative instructor. She made it a very comfortable and fun learning experience. Thank you.
David GrkinicDavid Grkinic
16:59 15 Aug 23
Great experience, learned useful skills
Marija VidakovicMarija Vidakovic
16:50 12 Aug 23
Amazing instruction
liz karamliz karam
16:50 12 Aug 23
rizwan asgharrizwan asghar
16:50 12 Aug 23
Awesome learning
Nick SordoNick Sordo
16:50 12 Aug 23
Very fun and welcoming experience 👍👍
Brianna CBrianna C
22:46 11 Jul 23
Best place to complete any level of first aid! Rayma is an excellent educator who makes you feel so comfortable and makes the content relatable and fun to learn! Will always be returning to her for my renewals. Great pricing and great teaching it’s all a win here!!
Isaiah kari QuarmIsaiah kari Quarm
22:13 09 Jul 23
I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot it gave me a lot of real world experience and practices. That when an opportunity presents itself that i am capable to help or assist someone in any way i can.
Kayla Di SalvoKayla Di Salvo
00:07 30 Jun 23
Rayma was absolutely amazing, she’s very educated and she will teach you well! she made the experience fun and maintained a safe space for everyone! Highly recommend her course!
Mai SamiMai Sami
03:11 13 Jun 23
This place is amazing and the instructor is professional, patient and so friendly. I really enjoyed taking the CPR & first aid at that place. I really recommend it 👍🏻
Vlada DekinaVlada Dekina
17:49 12 Jun 23
I did blended online and in person CPR and 1st Aid class. The online portion took a while but can be done at your own pace. The in person part was fantastic, dynamic, hand on and definitely not boring. Highly recommend!
Tahira. MughisTahira. Mughis
17:00 12 Jun 23
The instructor was very friendly and informative. The environment was very positive as well. Hoping to be instructed by her again someday.
Are you looking for an instructor who is patient, calm and comprehensive? Yes, well look no further! Rayma is your go to person when it comes to all things CPR. The way she breaks down the information in the simplest of form so that you can understand speaks volumes. Hire her today, you won't regret! She is amazing‼️🙂
M KimM Kim
19:08 21 May 23
When I first started searching for CPR courses, I hoped to find a smaller, personable place run by a knowledgeable & skilled leader. I didn't want to learn from a faceless organization with a big name where people like me are just a number. I was so happy to find Rayma and Oakville CPR. Rayma is present throughout the Oakville CPR website and on their Instagram, so when I first reached out with questions, it was nice to know who my emails would be read by. Rayma is very quick to respond to emails. She is helpful, friendly & professional. I registered for "blended learning" which involves online course work and one in-person session. The online portion is very thorough & designed to help you remember important details. I was a little nervous about the in-person portion but I need not have stressed - Rayma made the class very fun, interesting, and relevant. She is excellent at being encouraging, answering questions, and explaining things using the depth & breadth of her experience as a licensed paramedic. I'm very impressed with Oakville CPR & First Aid and would recommend it for anyone looking to become certified or just want to learn CPR/First Aid for personal knowledge. Thank you, Rayma!
Sharif EdahSharif Edah
16:56 20 May 23
Great teacher, Rayma! very engaging. I actually didn’t fall asleep for once!!
No IdentityNo Identity
16:55 20 May 23
Great place! Learned valuable skills and the instructor was very nice. I definitely recommend this place.
Katie GerantKatie Gerant
16:29 15 May 23
This was such a great experience; a very efficient use of my time!! I needed to update my healthcare CPR and First Aid to work here in Canada after being a nurse in the US. I love the ease of the blended learning so that I could do the online portion at my convenience. Rayma is an awesome teacher with lots of experience! She is a great communicator! This Highly recommend this course!
Monica GibsonMonica Gibson
16:24 15 May 23
It was quick and easy, very thorough and fun! I liked the balance of in-person and online coursework, and Rayma was a great instructor.
Jody TaylorJody Taylor
15:48 18 Apr 23
Rayma was friendly and made me feel comfortable. The in person section was thorough and thoughtful. Overall a great experience! Thank you!
Isabella WhiteheadIsabella Whitehead
16:05 25 Mar 23
Rayma was so bubbly and sweet! It was such a great learning experience, and I would recommend to anyone. She has a Nesspresso machine for all the coffee lovers!
Sadaf AzimSadaf Azim
17:16 11 Mar 23
Best course ever! Rayma is an amazing instructor and I definitely recommend Oakville CPR and First Aid to everyone
Kira MillerKira Miller
00:10 02 Mar 23
really great!excellent instructor & it was quick, clear, and concise!small group meant more opportunity for thorough learning, i recommend it completely.
Haniah NihalHaniah Nihal
18:17 26 Feb 23
the cpr and first aid were very fun and educating, it helped retain information especially after they online session! recommend the blending option 🙂
Rayma was such an excellent instructor for the CPR- BLS course. Wonderful at delivery. She was also incredibly responsive by email and phone for registration.
Zara HafizZara Hafiz
21:49 09 Nov 22
Thanks, Oakville CPR and First Aid team for your incredible service. Special thanks from Rayma who is one of the best CPR instructors that I have ever experienced. She is professional, kind, compassionated and caring. Going forward Oakville CPR and First Aid team will be my only source for renewing my CPR. I will recommend Rayma instructor for everyone. It worth to drive more than 100km like me to have Rayma as your CPR instructor.
Steven KimSteven Kim
18:42 28 Oct 22
The materials and the knowledge provided by the instructor Rayma was great. The course was instructive and helpful. The instructor was very engaging and enthusiastic. Overall an effective course for beginners.
Josh WhiteJosh White
18:41 28 Oct 22
Rayma was an amazing instructor.She delivered with a great mixture of information and hands on learning.I found this course very easy to learn and enjoyable.
Marissa CanningMarissa Canning
16:54 23 Sep 22
Rayma was an incredible teacher. Extremely passionate, kind and attentive. She came directly to our business to train our entire team -- this is such a game changer for me and my business!! She delivered the content in a way that we could easily understand and kept us engaged during the entire course. I cannot recommend Oakville CPR & First Aid enough for your next certification!

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