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Standard First Aid with CPR

This course is designed to provide the necessary tools to recognize and manage emergencies including the “ABCD’s” of first aid as well as the recognition and treatment of other injuries including head/neck, musculoskeletal, illnesses such as stroke, heart attack diabetic crisis, seizures, the use of epi-pens, and much more. The program is recognized by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board and meets the requirements of regulation 1101. This course includes CPR-C or CPR-BLS (Healthcare Provider) certifications.


AEC Safety Solutions
584 Colby Drive, Unit 1
Waterloo, ON



Oct 19-20: SOLD OUT – Espanola, ON
Oct 21-22: SOLD OUT – Espanola, ON
Oct 24-25: SOLD OUT – Espanola, ON

Registration Fee

$150 + HST

First Responder Courses

First Responder includes CPR for an adult, child and infant along with easy to learn First Aid skills. Advanced first aid tools are introduced including oral and nasal airways, suction devices, cervical collars, back-boards, Kendricks Extrication Devices, defibrillation and oxygen administration as well as the use of Bag Valve Mask resuscitators. This program also includes an introduction to ambulance operations as well as more advanced anatomy and physiology instruction.

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Oct 26-30: Espanola, ON


Oct 26-30: SOLD OUT

Registration Fee

$450 + HST

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