Naloxone Training


Ontario’s Workplace Safety laws are changing! As of June 1, 2023, some workplaces will be required to have naloxone on hand and employees trained in its proper usage if there is a reasonable risk of a worker opioid overdose in the workplace.

If this change could impact your workplace, the Government of Ontario is offering free naloxone kits and training for up to two workers through a network of program providers. At EMT Canada, we are proud to be offering our best-in-class e-learning solution to train your workers as part of this lifesaving program.

In as little as two hours, from the comfort of their workstations, your workers can get trained on recognizing an opioid overdose, the importance of naloxone administration, proper administration technique, and become empowered to act in an emergency. The training is delivered in bite-sized modules, interspersed with videos, quizzes, and interactive activities to ensure the knowledge is absorbed and retained.

EMT Canada is passionate about delivering this training. For the last several years, we have included naloxone education and training as part of our larger workplace First Aid Training programs. We believe that EVERYONE should have access to this lifesaving knowledge, especially considering the climbing rates of opioid overdose in Ontario.

Online Learning

If you are a workplace that is not eligible for the government’s free training program or are an eligible workplace that wants more than two of your workers trained, we are offering this course to everyone FOR FREE. At no cost per student, you can arm your entire workforce with these vital skills. If you are a workplace where high-volume interaction with the public is part of your day-to-day, such as a library, community centre, or coffee shop, this could make a material difference in saving someone’s life.

We back up our course with a lifetime guarantee of your skills. If anyone who takes this training with EMT Canada feels they are losing confidence in their abilities, they will be able to go back and re-access the e-learning modules to refresh their knowledge of their skills in perpetuity, at no additional cost.

The e-learning modules are supplemented by downloadable support PDFs and a quick reference guide. We believe these are the best learning materials available in the industry, backed by our lifelong learning guarantee.

Opioids are a growing health crisis in Ontario and every individual armed with the skills and confidence to administer naloxone is one more person on the front lines of our emergency healthcare team.