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Want to have a second, high-earning potential income as a paramedic, nurse, or EMT? Why not teach Ontario’s best First Aid and CPR programs? Our current authorized providers earn between $100,000 and $300,000 annually within their first five years of operation, giving you massive extra earning potential. You get to work with a team of motivated authorized providers who want to see the entire EMT Canada family, including you, succeed! This network of instructors across Ontario can help grow your business and you can become part of a group of companies that collaborate to generate new and innovative programs, win large contracts, and share in the benefits and profits.

Low Startup Costs

No additional costs from EMT: Emergency Medical Training Canada to starting your business. We provide instructor training, loaner equipment to get you started, programming templates, teaching templates, a website developer with SEO, and a turnkey teaching solution all for $0.

Business registration, insurance fees and facility rental are the responsibility of the provider.

Exclusive Geographic Region

We give you exclusive access to a region of Ontario that is currently available and you are able to effectively serve. Many regions are still available. You are guaranteed three years of exclusivity in your region to build your business, and based on your success that can be extended indefinitely. You can even expand to other regions!

Specific geographic areas are being priority targeted and will be given first consideration.

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