An absolutely life changing experience! Our instructor, Jeff, was truly made for this role. His endless knowledge, real life experiences and stories, humour, effort, willingness and enthusiasm make this course such an enriching and fulfilling experience. Incredible hands on learning for all aspects of the course allows for greater knowledge retention, practice, confidence and skill building. Jeff’s scenarios and real life applications provided intense learning opportunities that will last a lifetime. It’s easy to see the immense passion he has for teaching this course and it rubs off on everyone taking it. If you want to learn valuable information and real life applications regarding first aid, CPR and wilderness first aid, and love to have fun doing it, these guys are the way to go. Thanks so much Jeff! Highly highly recommend!


Jeff has conducted a number of courses for Girl Guide units I’ve been involved with, from Standard First Aid to wilderness survival and first aid. He is able to engage a wide range of participants in the same session, from younger teenagers to the adults. Jeff brings his personal experience as a paramedic to each course, providing real-life examples and situations which make the exercises and activities real. I highly recommend Jeff for your first aid training needs.


I highly recommend Jeff Frenette and EMT as a first aid instructor – these are the best first aid courses I have ever taken. Jeff’s approach really helps you understand the ‘why’ behind what you are learning, it’s not just blind instruction of various steps for different first aid scenarios.


Being a front line worker within the mining industry in a remote location, the First Responders training is excellent to have.
I have taken this course twice over the years and both times I was more than impressed. Jeff is an incredible instructor who shares life experiences, is passionate and very informative. He captures the attention of the entire room and makes learning enjoyable. Jeff is always open to all questions anyone may have, his teaching method is very hands on and scenarios are made to feel real.
All members of our team had nothing but positive things to say.
The knowledge and skills learned in this course has helped with many emergencies myself and my team have come across. The new found knowledge and confidence this training has taught us has brought our team a long way and helped us provide the best care possible.
Many Thanks Jeff.


Your training should be taught to everyone – Lifesaving skills like never before. Your instructor (Jeff) is so passionate and knowledgeable. It’s almost scary! Great work!


Hi Jeff. I just wanted to say thanks before I forget. That trick you taught us for cold compresses is saving me from heat exhaustion today. Our gatehouse is like a a fish tank with only two small screened windows for ventilation. Gets pretty hot in the sun.


I have been doing courses with Jeff for years! They are great, informative, and fun. The way he teaches allows you to understand the problems you can face in first aid situations, and be able to adapt to the situations you face in real life! I always look forward to a weekend that I have a course with him.


To start off, Jeff TEACHES. He talks to the whole class, while sharing life experiences and stories to support the theory he is aiming to convey. He does not read a PowerPoint – ever!  This is a strategy sometimes used by other providers, which, as you know, is not the best way to maintain students’ interest and attention. He does, however, use the smart board in an effective way, supporting differential learning. Therefore, the students are  always engaged, actively listening in order to hear all the stories, all the while understanding the concept behind the life situation. Jeff’s courses are always interactive; students are encouraged to ask questions at all times and the climate established right at the beginning facilitates exchanges throughout the whole sessions. Another strong point with EMT is that it is a HANDS ON learning approach. Whatever technique is being taught, whether it is the recovery position, CPR (on an adult AND child) mannequin, choking, splints, etc., ALL students have to try the technique individually or in teams, and Jeff circulates to make sure that they apply it right. He even acts as the victim, making the students practise some techniques on him. You can imagine how much fun that is! He also brings his high tech electronic mannequin which simulates real life scenarios/traumas, etc. Therefore, the students are placed in different situations and have to apply all concepts learned throughout the course. This facilitates communication, working as a team, problem solving, leadership, transferable skills, etc. Now that is real learning!


“One of the best instructors I have ever had. He can teach a stump to perform first aid.”


“Jeff…once again, I would like to thank you for the amazing Advanced First Aid training I attended in Timmins at the mine site. All members of our team had nothing but positive to say …and some members have had extensive training as members of the voluntary fire service.
I have personally talked to my Superintendent, Manager and Supervisor of the Training Dept that the training you gave us was by far the best I have ever had…scenarios you provided were fantastic! And keeping our group “into it” was a feat in itself.
Take care and best of luck to you going forward.”