To start off, Jeff TEACHES. He talks to the whole class, while sharing life experiences and stories to support the theory he is aiming to convey. He does not read a PowerPoint – ever!  This is a strategy sometimes used by other providers, which, as you know, is not the best way to maintain students’ interest and attention. He does, however, use the smart board in an effective way, supporting differential learning. Therefore, the students are  always engaged, actively listening in order to hear all the stories, all the while understanding the concept behind the life situation. Jeff’s courses are always interactive; students are encouraged to ask questions at all times and the climate established right at the beginning facilitates exchanges throughout the whole sessions. Another strong point with EMT is that it is a HANDS ON learning approach. Whatever technique is being taught, whether it is the recovery position, CPR (on an adult AND child) mannequin, choking, splints, etc., ALL students have to try the technique individually or in teams, and Jeff circulates to make sure that they apply it right. He even acts as the victim, making the students practise some techniques on him. You can imagine how much fun that is! He also brings his high tech electronic mannequin which simulates real life scenarios/traumas, etc. Therefore, the students are placed in different situations and have to apply all concepts learned throughout the course. This facilitates communication, working as a team, problem solving, leadership, transferable skills, etc. Now that is real learning!