Wilderness First Responder

The Remote Workplace Emergency Medical Responder program is ideal for medical responders at small to large worksites.

Remote Workplace Emergency Medical Responder participants will learn, in addition to basic first aid skills required for Provincial and Federal recognition, patient management in unfavourable conditions and longer-duration settings. This includes the long-term management of an unresponsive victim, management of head and neck injuries and treatment for many common, remote workplace first aid situations.

Additional skills such as motorized/non-motorized land, water, and air evacuation will be discussed and where possible, practiced. In-depth longer–duration practical scenarios provide the opportunity for closer-to-life practice with significant feedback from our facilitators.

Support texts include a Wilderness First responder student manual, Emergency Medical Responder Textbook and Fieldguide.

This course follows the Practice Guidelines established by the Wilderness Medical Society & WSIB.

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